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I am new to wireshare. I set it up yesterday on my mac and enabled promiscuous mode. I connected both my mac and android phone to my home wifi. I am able to see all packets for the mac. However, I am not seeing all packets for my android phone but rather just a few packets, which after research seems to be a multicast packets. See screenshot below:

alt text

So where are all the tcp/http connection? I tried to enable monitor mode but got an error that it is not supported by the device and wireshark failed to capture any packets.

Am I missing something or this is how it is supposed to work?

asked 27 Nov '15, 07:52

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See the answer to this question first, and then eventually come back with additional question. Without monitor mode working, you cannot capture traffic in which your capturing machine is not involved.

If you are able to make your capturing machine a WiFi access point and connect the Android phone to internet through that access point, or if you can run tcpdump on the existing access point, it would be a different situation and you could see the phone's traffic.

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answered 27 Nov '15, 08:00

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