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Srs, could you please help me with this issue?

I am a software developer and we are having a hard time trying to explain to our Infra that there is something weird in our server network (and not in our application or user machine, as this is happening to everyone and every app, even from users outside our company)

When users are navigating through one of our applications, after a few requests they randomly receive a "white screen" at their browsers, we have checked using Firebug and we noticed that one of HTML, JS or CSS (random each time) are not completed. File ends at random parts, InternetExplorer keeps "Pending" until a 10-min timeout

I installed WireShark at my machine (user), but we don't have access to do that in the servers and neither our Infra know what WireShark is.

Print: logs here

Everytime this error happens we receive exactly this order: [RST,ACK], many TCP Dup Ack and another [RST,ACK]. Also, I received random [RST,ACK] while navigating through our applications, but TCP Dup ACK only when the error came out.

Does that means anything? How can i find more info and a possible solution for this error?

If you need anything else from our user side, I can provide.

Thanks in advance! Regards, Diogo

asked 22 Dec '15, 03:15

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Pictures are pretty useless, a (non-filtered) capture file (eg through, even without TCP payload, and an infra layout would be needed to get going here.

(22 Dec '15, 04:00) Jaap ♦

Jaap, thanks for your reply, so you mean we would need to get both sides running wireshark anyway, right?

(22 Dec '15, 04:51) diogoreis

@diogoreis: Preferably yes, but you could start with the basics: The actual capture (not a screen dump), and an overview (of the relevant parts) of the infra involved.

(22 Dec '15, 05:19) Jaap ♦
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