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Why is this such a pain in the neck to ask a question?

asked 05 Jan '16, 04:45

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Daniel Ploth
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closed 27 Mar '17, 16:01

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grahamb ♦

Do you have an actual issue with the captcha, which has always worked on the odd time I've seen it, or is this a general moan about the necessity of the captcha?

(05 Jan '16, 04:57) grahamb ♦

Why is this such a pain in the neck to ask a question.

because of spammers, filling this site with loads of crap which we don't want to read. I don't mean you, just to explain why...

(08 Jan '16, 15:47) Kurt Knochner ♦

I can't ask a question because the captcha says it's wrong every time. If it's something simple as "123" or "356" it STILL doesn't work. 20 trys later I guess I give up...

Funny thing is, it works when posting an answer...

(18 Apr '16, 08:45) jsmall81

Captcha isn't working for me,

EDIT Here it works, but it's not working in this thread:

(16 Jun '16, 08:06) Björn Lindström

Hello I try to add a new question. Unfortunately I always get the message "Invalid Captcha"

(08 Dec '16, 06:11) Nathy

Just trying a dummy answer for captcha testing. Sorry for.

(21 Mar '17, 02:04) Dee2017

so what's the way to get around here? same issue, error "invalid capcha" tried again. Tried 30 times but still not working

(27 Mar '17, 11:17) gapfriend

I'm having the same problem

(27 Mar '17, 11:44) bbreer

looks like widespread issue. Tried on another device still same issue. any help will be appreciated?

(27 Mar '17, 11:47) gapfriend

same here i've question about my paquet but i cant post :(

(27 Mar '17, 12:51) W4RdZ

I just tested reCaptcha by creating a (new) test-account and did not encounter an issue anymore. There were some issues in the backend earlier that are fixed now.

(27 Mar '17, 14:47) SYN-bit ♦♦

I've been trying to post a question for 10 minutes, gone through 10's of captchas, no luck.

(20 Apr '17, 19:27) slimmons


I'm not being able to post a new question. Captcha says "invalid" all the time. Anything I could do to help debugging this problem?

(04 Aug '17, 02:02) jacobopantoja
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The question has been closed for the following reason "Too subjective and argumentative" by grahamb 27 Mar '17, 16:01

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