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I have a working script which runs on tshark on windows (processes PCAP files, gives valid output). On windows, both the GUI and tshark can run this script and give me valid output. GUI fails on mac but does properly process some pcaps on mac. On ubuntu the script fails both for GUI and command line.

Does anyone know what the next best logical steps would be to troubleshoot this? I need my .lua script to work on ubuntu.

asked 19 Feb '16, 17:01

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What version of Wireshark is running on each platform? If they're not all the same version as the one running on Windows, that might be a clue as to what the problem may be.

Also, what exactly is the failure? On the Ubuntu system for example, does Help -> About Wireshark indicate that Wireshark was compiled with Lua 5.2 (or some other version)?

Lastly, does the Ubuntu init.lua script have disable_lua = true? If so, you'll need to set it to false.

See also:

(19 Feb '16, 17:57) cmaynard ♦♦

this was it. I actually thought of that right after I posted this (derp). it completely fixed the mac problem and now I am trying to fix the version for linux. Do you know how I can get 1.12.9 (wireshark version) for ubuntu? I can't seem to find the install package now.

(19 Feb '16, 18:05) testname0110

the newest version of wireshark does not fully support old plugins. That seems to be the issue. the version 2.0 is unstable. To fix the issue I used xterm to open old wireshark and that solved my problem (on mac at least)

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answered 19 Feb '16, 18:06

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