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With the new UI I could not find a way to get an interface list showing. The interface list so far was the only way to get the Description of a device showing which is needed to distinguish interfaces when there are numerous adapters attached.

Did I miss something? Thanks McL

asked 22 Feb '16, 02:05

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From the menu, Capture -> Options, then click the "Manage Interfaces..." button.

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answered 22 Feb '16, 02:21

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Unfortunately not - see the screen-shot below: alt text

(22 Feb '16, 02:28) McLion

is the issue with the USBPcap or LAN_Verbindun... interfaces? Can you expand the "Kurzname" column to show the full text?

What other info do you need? On the Capture Options tab you can click the right triangle icon to expand the interface to show the assigned IP's if that helps.

Do your interfaces have helpful names assigned in Network Connections, as that's where Wireshark picks up the "friendly" names from?

(22 Feb '16, 02:57) grahamb ♦

To illustrate what I am missing look at the interface list taken with the old GUI. Look at the column 'Description'. I cannot find a way to show this information in the new GUI. The only way to distinguish the interfaces is to go to Windows, showing the Network adapter list and then use the name given by Windows like Ethernet or Ethernet2 ... This is not very user-friendly and was much better with the old GUI.

alt text

And how it looks in Windows: alt text

There's no way to show Description / DeviceName in Wiresharks new UI.

(22 Feb '16, 03:16) McLion

I can see the differences in the UI, but how does the "Description" or "Device Name" help, e.g. for Ethernet and Ethernet 2 they are identical?

The "Device Name" does help for interface LAN-Verbindung though.

Why don't you rename the interfaces in the Network Connections dialog to be more meaningful?

(22 Feb '16, 03:31) grahamb ♦

Nope, they are not, but that's not the issue. We have multiple interfaces on all our desktops as well as on our Mobiles. Look at a sample from a desktop here: alt text

Which one to pick cannot easily be decided? However, it is very easy with the old interface: alt text On the other hand, I don't get what the information below that has been added is useful for. Nobody I know keeps in mind a ID from the registry. alt text

(22 Feb '16, 04:01) McLion

I forgot to respond the renaming suggestion. This would work for standard network interfaces. As it is with USB, the name is not sticky, specially not if the USB adapter is not connected to the very same port. The name appearing is then picked from the inf file.

However, I don't understand why a useful information has been removed and/or replaced by a un-useful one. IMHO, this is a step backward, not forward.

(22 Feb '16, 04:28) McLion

Looks like you'll have to raise an issue over at the Wireshark Bugzilla then.

(22 Feb '16, 05:25) grahamb ♦
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