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Hello, My name is Radhwen, I am a software engineering student making his final year internship at the CEDRIC laboratory at CNAM, Paris.

I was looking for your expertise to help me acheive a quite interesting project. I'm aiming to develop an Android application able to show the phone's communication's power (in dBm) during an uplink communication with the network (wether it is a 2, 3 or 4G communication) and I need to access to the data within the first physical layer in order to get the Actual MS Power level within the SACCH.

I need to get some samples of (or maybe capture by myself) the traffic that is transitting through the Um interface (the air interface between the mobile and the BTS). It would be great to give me any hint about it's feasibility... any links/tip will be welcomed.

Thanks for reading this :) Looking to hear your response !

asked 22 Feb '16, 02:26

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Radhwen Khelia
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I don't think you have access to the raw airinterfac from an Android application.

(22 Feb '16, 04:48) Anders ♦

This kind of a question is really better posted in a device developer forum such as:

Based on the kind of information that is available via Android debug modes, it might be possible for an app to do this, but the question is fundamentally an Android capability question as it relates to passing/retrieving chipset information to the OS and other applications, which is kind of far away from being a Wireshark tool question.

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answered 22 Feb '16, 14:38

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