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Hi everyone, I am a student who started to learn networking including GSM network. After a little bit of searching, I understood that I can capture GSM packets from port 4729 (which is the GSM TAP port). I had a little experiment which I used a USRP device with airprobe to get the GSM packets and used scapy to capture those packets, but I got (as much as I can see) nothing. I have some weird string (looks like hexa) in the RAW layer. After that I used wireshark and... I was amazed to see all the data I could get.

My question is: How does wireshark capture all the packets as they can be seen on wireshark but Scapy can't? How can I use Scapy to capture these packets like wireshark does?

Thank you in advance.

asked 23 Feb '16, 04:07

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As you've written yourself, Scapy captures the packets just fine, except that it is not, using the Wireshark vocabulary, dissecting them the way Wireshark does.

This site deals with Wireshark, so questions "how do I make software XXX other than Wireshark do YYY" are off-topic.

(23 Feb '16, 04:45) sindy

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