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I have a massive capture file which I would like to experiment by playing back on an interface using tcp replay, but I would like to know what to expect in terms of faithfulness of the replay keeping in mind facts that file is massive arounf 4 Gb, and I would like to compare its performance with other replay tools like bittwist, so I need a way to start both of them to synchronize before replay. I know conventionally could just start the replay at the same time . but that seems naive to do am looking for a cleaner way to do so. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

asked 23 Feb '16, 19:06

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tcpreplay is a most-virtuous, temperant process, and will hold fast to its reasoned understanding of the pcap file format in spite of circumstance such as a large packet capture size. :)

Do you have a specific question in mind when you ask about the "faithfulness" of the program? The FAQ may help?

If you mean whether it honours timestamps or not, it does, but depends on how well-formatted the .pcap file you're reading into it is.

(23 Feb '16, 20:52) Quadratic

This is a question for a tcpreplay support forum I think. not Wireshark Q&A.

(24 Feb '16, 02:52) grahamb ♦

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