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I'm trying to build Wireshark 2.0 from the source on Windows 7 64-bit. I've been following this guide: Everything went fine until the Wireshark Build phase. So, cmake generated build files correctly. The only thing different from the guide is Qt version. I have 5.4 installed which was used to build Wireshark 1.12 (successfully). I'm adding error logs below (if you look down below you can see many are concerning Qt). I compared them with build logs from Wireshark buildbot and the trouble started when Qt should be compiled.

Any help or suggestion is welcome.


asked 14 Mar '16, 07:06

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Looks to be an issue with missing docbook components, have you installed the following Cygwin packages as per the Developers Guide, in particular the 2nd one on the list:

  • Text/asciidoc
  • Text/docbook-xml45
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answered 14 Mar '16, 07:24

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grahamb ♦
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I was indeed missing docbook-xml45. But it only took 3 erros away. I also installed Qt 5.5 just to be sure and it didn't help. New logs:

(14 Mar '16, 08:43) Aliniel

Odd results, what's the contents of C:\Development\bmakan\wsbuild64\version.h?

(14 Mar '16, 08:47) grahamb ♦

There were only these 3 lines:

Unable to open C:/Development/bmakan/wireshark/.svn/entries

#define VCSVERSION "SVN Rev Unknown"

#define VCSBRANCH "unknown"

(14 Mar '16, 08:52) Aliniel

The first line is an error and not meant to be there. version.h is configured by CMake, and uses the output of tools\ to generate the contents.

In your case it seems to be attempting to use svn. Is this because you don't have git on your path? In your build directory, have a look in CMakeCache.txt for a line beginning with GIT_EXECUTABLE:FILEPATH=, report back what you find.

(14 Mar '16, 09:11) grahamb ♦

This happens because of a bug in file. Try editing the file and in line 317 replace:

        print ("Unable to open $srcdir/.svn/entries\n");


        print STDERR "Unable to open $srcdir/.svn/entries\n";
(14 Mar '16, 09:14) Pascal Quantin

Pascal's solution worked. Thanks a lot!

(18 Mar '16, 02:11) Aliniel

Note this bug was fixed in the master branch in October 2015, change 11041.

@Aliniel, what version are you building?

(18 Mar '16, 03:12) grahamb ♦

It's a custom build branched from 2.0 at some earlier point. It was probably before thix fix was applied.

(18 Mar '16, 07:56) Aliniel
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