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I am trying to build a wireshark installer using nsis. It's a branched 2.0 version with some custom tweaks including plugins. The wireshark is building and working correctly when build from sources on Win64.

When I run msbuild /m /p:Configuration=RelWithDebInfo nsis_package_prep.vcxproj everything fnishes neatly with no errors. When I run msbuild /m /p:Configuration=RelWithDebInfo nsis_package.vcxproj I get error right after it fails to detect plugin dll.


SetOutPath: "$INSTDIR\plugins\2.0.2"
File: "C:\Development\bmakan\wsbuild64\run\RelWithDebInfo\plugins\my_plugin.dll" -> no files found.

The error I get is as follows:
    Error in script "wireshark.nsi" on line 960 -- aborting creation process
1>C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\V120\Microsoft.CppCommon.targets(170,5): error MSB6006: "cmd.exe" exited with code 1. [C:\Development\bmakan\wsbuild64\nsis_package.vcxproj]

I have vcredist_x64.exe in Wireshark-win64-libs-2.0 folder. I believe it's a correct one since I took it from installation folder. Also tried 2 others for VS 2010 and 2005 (I have 2013).

asked 18 Mar '16, 08:25

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So do you have the file "C:\Development\bmakan\wsbuild64\run\RelWithDebInfo\plugins\my_plugin.dll"?

(18 Mar '16, 09:11) grahamb ♦

Apologies for a long inactivity. You are right, the file is indeed missing. Must have been checking somewhere else for it. Is this file supposed to be generated by running "msbuild /m /p:Configuration=RelWithDebInfo nsis_package_prep.vcxproj"?

(01 Apr '16, 01:24) Aliniel

No it should be generated during the "msbuild /m /p:Configuration=RelWithDebInfo Wireshark.sln" step, assuming that you added your my_plugin folder in a CMakeListsCustom.txt file in your root Wireshark source tree (see CMakeListsCustom.txt.example)

(01 Apr '16, 02:18) Pascal Quantin

I've found some bugs with my plugins. Until they're fixed, I'm putting this on hold. I'll let you know after that.

(05 Apr '16, 00:22) Aliniel

There was a problem with one of my plugins which was not working correctly. After fixing the issue the instaler build worked correctly when following the provided tutorial.

permanent link

answered 08 Apr '16, 02:51

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