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I would like to update my plugin that currently works with 1.12.x to work with 2.0.x. I have built wireshark 2.0.2 from source successfully and noticed that the file structure of each of the plugin directories is different (now in a VS project rather than using the previous structure, which I used along with these instructions to build the last one. I can't seem to find any instructions on how to work with the new file structure (I can't simply use the old one because libwireshark.dll is now in a different place). Please let me know how to go about this. Thank you!

asked 30 Mar '16, 12:44

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The canonical reference for this is the Wireshark Developers Guide, in particular for you Section 9.2 that describes the changes required to add your own dissector as a plugin.

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answered 30 Mar '16, 14:33

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I've looked over this link but it literally says nothing about how to actually build the plugin, as in produce the .dll. I have the packet-xxx.c and packet-xxx.h already done from the old plugin, I just need to know how to integrate it into the new build structure with 2.0.2. Something like the link I mentioned above.

(30 Mar '16, 14:47) j-demars

I'll assume that you have followed the instructions on which files to add and modify, then it's simply a case of re-running the CMake generation step and then building exactly as you did to build the original unmodified source, i.e. msbuild .... Note the CMake generation step is only required when modifying the CMakeLists.txt or CMakeListsCustom.txt files.

Someone else did note that the instruction Compile the dissector to a DLL or shared library wasn't clear enough, but nobody has offered up a suggestion for what should replace it.

(30 Mar '16, 15:19) grahamb ♦

I figured it out. With the other plugin, I wasn't always rebuilding all of wireshark to build the plugin, only the way it is done above in the link. I fixed it to build the whole thing and now it's working.

Thank you!!

(30 Mar '16, 16:19) j-demars

maybe you will use wireshark 2.0* headers and rebuild your plugin

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answered 04 Apr '16, 06:30

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