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Hi, yesterday was officially released the new LTS, is there already a planned date to get a version on launchpad ?

What generally was the time lapse to get the version available for the new release?



asked 22 Apr '16, 08:09

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Xenial appears to already have the latest stable 2.0.2 build, as seen here. What are you after exactly?

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answered 22 Apr '16, 08:23

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Hi, thanks. Up to the 15.10 , there was a launchpad repository to get wireshark, so I supposed it was still to appear there.

I did not yet try to install based on this premise.

So now in 16.04 wireshark is in the mainstream channel?

Thanks Fabio

(22 Apr '16, 08:29) fabio_dalfonso

It's the usual thing, when a new version of a distribution is released they have a chance to catch up to newer versions of software, which they appear to have done in this case.

When 2.0.3 comes out it's likely to require an install from the Wireshark ppa as the distribution (16.04) is "fixed" at 2.0.2. The Wireshark ppa is maintained by a Wireshark core developer @rbalint who doesn't frequent this site.

I don't know the Canonical policy on package updates during the life of a distribution version, but it's up to their maintainers to pick up a new package and include it whenever they want.

(22 Apr '16, 09:06) grahamb ♦

IOW this is really a Canonical/Ubuntu question, not a Wireshark question. They're the ones responsible for getting and packaging Wireshark for Ubuntu, not us.

(22 Apr '16, 10:35) JeffMorriss ♦
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