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Good evening,

We are encountering a problem when sniffing network traffic on a PC Win 7 (64 bit). The problem is that we cannot see in the main area any packet when the filter is http.request.method==GET.

Instead we are able to see packets, using a MAC device and sniffing the same network traffic.

We are encountering the problem both in wifi and ethernet.

Could you please help us?

Thank you,


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asked 28 Apr '16, 08:48

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Can you share the capture in a publicly accessible spot, e.g. CloudShark, Google Drive, DropBox etc. and edit your question to add a link to the capture?

(28 Apr '16, 13:08) grahamb ♦


here you can find a capture taken from

You can see that no packet is visible if you set the "http.request.method==GET" filter.

(29 Apr '16, 00:39) abusnelli

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(29 Apr '16, 02:10) Jaap ♦

You appear to have only captured inbound traffic, i.e. the HTTP responses, so there are no HTTP requests that have the GET method.

Did you apply a capture filter when making the capture?

If not, you may have software installed on your PC that prevents capturing of outbound traffic, e.g. VPN software, Endpoint protection etc. This is a quite frequent on windows, there are many questions on this site about the issue.

permanent link

answered 29 Apr '16, 03:07

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