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Hi Can you please tell how CRLF (Carrage return line feed) and Line feed charecter on Diameter messages(\r\n) In SIP i have an option of RAWpcaps Regards Vijay

asked 14 May '16, 02:46

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What makes you believe that there are any CR and/or LF characters in the binary-encoded Diameter protocol?

SIP is text-based so these characters are there by nature of it, and the choice whether to show or hide them in packet dissection is useful to show them when you concentrate on proper formatting of the messages or hide them when you concentrate on its proper contents, as their rendering as \r\n adds visual noise to the message text. But in Diameter, there is no CR/LF to be displayed, so what do you actually want to happen?

(14 May '16, 09:57) sindy

In SIP i can see them in indivsual lines like m=audio 49152 RTP/AVP 97 98 99 100 101 102 \r\n

In diameter TS 24.229 the SDP parameters are in Codec-data in AAR messages.I was not seeing in this fashion as i had not expanded the Media component description. It was my mistake that i did not expand (without expanding the SDP in SIP ia was able to see it). My purpose is solved thanks

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answered 14 May '16, 11:11

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