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This has been asked before but no useable answer.

I want to change the selected packet line colouring to something that stands out, it just gets lost in the many and varied colours currently showing on the screen, how can i do this?

All very well to point to gtk file but it has no rules even close to colouring that I can change. Color rules let me choose protocols and schemes but not the actual selected line.

Wireshark 2.0.3 Windows 7 professional and 32bit OS. Can you help?

also where are there downloadable alternative colouring schemes? It seems people would create a great scheme and want to then resuse or share?

yhanks for any ideas.

asked 25 May '16, 19:34

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Min Sik
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If you want to change coloring schemes in the way you're describing you're going to have to change code. Either Gtk code (pre-2.0) or Qt code (post-2.0). How to actually achieve that is an exercise best left to the reader--it would take some research and that research would be best undertaken by the person actually interested in doing it.

And, no, there's no alternative coloring schemes. Wireshark doesn't support the concept of coloring schemes. There are a few color choices in the preferences and there are the coloring rules but that's it. Again, anything else will require you to write some code to achieve it.

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answered 26 May '16, 14:58

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