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I have 2 monitors - a 30 inch and a 20 inch. The 20 inch is positioned "above and to the right" of my 30 inch. I mean that it is physically placed above and to the right of my 30 inch. In the XP display properties the 20 inch monitor is placed in the same manner so that with a diagonal mouse move I can go from the upper right corner of my 30 inch to the lower left corner of my 20 inch.

This arrangement causes Wireshark to display only the bottom half of itself on my 30 inch when not maximized. If I select the taskbar icon and select "move", attempt to move wireshark where I can see it, nothing will happen. When I again click on the taskbar icon, it will crash with a generic runtime error.

If I select "maximize" it consumes the entire 30 inch screen as I would expect.

Any ideas? I have 2 setups arranged like this and they both do this.

asked 27 Jul '11, 06:39

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Please file a bug at and describe the exact sequence which causes a crash.

This might be a Wireshark issue or it might be an issue with the underlying GTK library.

(For a previous "multiple monitor" issue see

(27 Jul '11, 07:54) Bill Meier ♦♦

While I can't speak to the crash, you can move the Wireshark window (like any other window) by right-clicking the taskbar item, selecting move, and then using the arrow keys on your keybaord to move the window until its title bar would be in view --this will allow you to move the window with the mouse.

In your case (the window is positioned above the visible area), you would select move and press the down arrow until moving the mouse moves the window to where you like.

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answered 27 Jul '11, 07:31

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You can also move the window in bigger jumps and between monitors using the "Windows" key and the cursor keys. I'm not certain if this works in XP though.

(27 Jul '11, 08:09) grahamb ♦
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