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what the meaning of "base html file"?

asked 15 Jun '16, 16:04

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Omar Ramadan
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How does this relate to Wireshark? If you're looking for information on web site layout and HTTP protocol you're in the wrong place.

(16 Jun '16, 02:10) Jaap ♦

It relates to Wireshark in such a way that the same OP has posted here a similar question a couple of days ago, which was related to a homework assignment related to Wireshark and the term "base html file" was used in that assignment. As it is not a widely used term with a commonly understood meaning in the area of packet capturing, the context of the whole assignment is necessary to understand what the teacher issuing that assignment had in mind when using these words.

So @Omar Ramadan, please paste the whole text of the assignment rather than just the single sentence, we may find out what you're actually asked to do.

But @Jaap may have hit the nail's head, maybe you are supposed to find out from the capture that several http requests are necessary to fetch all data the browser needs to render a page, and the teacher calls the initially requested html file, which contains links to the other ones (pictures, advertisements) that need to be fetched, a "base" html file?

(16 Jun '16, 14:37) sindy
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