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Hi, i'm trying to develop a new heuristic dissector. Actually i have no cmake errors and no msbuild errors but when i try to debug my plugin wireshark starts to display some run-time errors.

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After that it starts but obv i don't want this errors and i don't understand why.


thanks in advance

asked 21 Jun '16, 05:19

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I deleted wsbuild64 and builded again the project with msbuild Actually i have this error:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\V120\Microsoft.CppCommon.targets(170,5): error MSB6006: "cmd.exe" terminato con il codice 9009. [C:\Development\wsbuild64\copy_data_files.vcxproj]

(21 Jun '16, 07:44) kenhero

Ensure that no program is running (like Wireshark.exe or dumpcap.exe for example) from your previous build attempt while executing the msbuild command. This error means that your system fails to copy a file (probably because the target is already in use).

(21 Jun '16, 08:17) Pascal Quantin

I presume you are launching Wireshark from the Wireshark.sln file.

This solution files is messing with the environment variables, leading to the popups you see. You have 2 solutions:

  • Remove the extcap executables from the extcap folder as you do not care about them
  • or do not launch Wireshark from the solution file, but instead in open Visual Studio IDE, do File -> Open -> Project/Solution and selects Wireshark.exe in your run\relWithDebInfo or run\Debug folder. Then open whatever source file you watn and put your breakpoint.
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answered 21 Jun '16, 07:43

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Pascal Quantin
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