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I am able to see ISUP (M3UA) in the call-flow diagrams in last versions of wireshark 2.x. Same capture is being shown properly in versions 1.12.x.

Do I need to configure anything special or is this a bug?

Thanks. Regards.

asked 22 Jun '16, 10:17

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The M3U sample found on works fine with Wireshark 2.0.4 and 2.1.0 development release (the VoIP flow graph being much nicer with 2.1.0).

Which version of Wiresahrk are you using? This used to be a problem with the first 2.0 releases but should be fixed now. If not, could you share a capture file?

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answered 22 Jun '16, 12:01

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Pascal Quantin
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Hi Pascal,

Thanks a lot for your answer. I have checked the sample capture and it works fine in version 2.04. The flow in shown with your parameters. But it is not working with my traces.

Unfortunately I cannot share the traces I am working on, but to let you know the differences, to decode my call I need to configure MTP3=ANSI and M3UA=RFC4666.

The ANSI messages are correctly decoded, but when trying to see it as a VOIP call, it is not detected and the graph cannot be shown.

This works properly in version 1.12.4.

(13 Jul '16, 04:09) juamargon

Without any capture file, we cannot fix the issue. Be aware that a bug can be submitted as private, which means that only Wireshark core developers will have access to the attached capture. let us know if this is acceptable.

(13 Jul '16, 06:47) Pascal Quantin
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