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Hi, I need to filter a bigger number of not range-connected IP-Adresses. So I have to write them all down, but I do not find a working syntax.

I tried this:

Not Equal.ip.dst==,,,,,

It does not work. Seperating the Adresses with "and" or "or" instead of commata does also not Work.

The Filter Line always stays red. How can I do this?

asked 27 Jun '16, 23:05

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Are you looking for something like this? ! (ip.dst== or ip.dst== or ip.dst== or ip.dst== or ip.dst== or ip.dst==

Your first IP address is wrong (5 octets) and it is not possible to have a list of addresses, this is why your search did not work. If you want to remove frames to and from those addresses you want to use ip.addr instead of ip.dst

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answered 27 Jun '16, 23:46

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THX ae4baifee4! It absolutely works.

Hi Jaap, I'm an absolute beginner on this subject and did not understand too much so far, seems I have to renew my fundamentals of knowlegde about boolean expressions in general first :(

This really helps me much at a Problem I have to solve asap.

Thanks again!

(29 Jun '16, 10:21) Ellevader

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Yes, Wireshark is a power tool, for power users.

(29 Jun '16, 12:32) Jaap ♦

You should read this documentation:

for more background of how Display Filters work and how to compose the expressions you want.

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answered 28 Jun '16, 01:04

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