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Hi all - I'm trying to work out what the best way is to preconfigure a whole bunch settings for a Wireshark distribution? In particular, I've got a MATE file I'd like to include and have preset, and I've got 400 ports that I've currently added to the decode_as_entries file, then I've got a few bits I would like to preconfigure for some example filter expressions and deploy that as a standard set of config options when someone is installing for the first time.

What's the best way to define this and deploy them

asked 28 Jun '16, 19:28

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Scott Harman
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I'd look at pushing the files into the "Global configuration" area. From your comments on Anders' answer it sounds like you're on Windows so this is probably something like C:\Program Files\Wireshark (check Help->About->Folders).

I used to do something like this for my (Linux and Solaris) installs: I put a shell of a preferences file (with only the settings I wanted to override) in /usr/local/wireshark/ (or wherever it was). These files are read before the personal configuration files so they give you a reasonable method to override Wireshark's defaults (while allowing users to change their preferences too).

Just note that I've never actually tried it on Windows but it should work. Another question is if we read all the files you need from this global configuration area. Preferences should be fine but I'm less sure about decode-as entries.

(I realize I'm not really answering the question about how to actually get the files there.)

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answered 29 Jun '16, 06:21

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JeffMorriss ♦
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Thanks @JeffMorriss - I'll give that a shot - I should be able to manually copy the files to staging then edit the nsis to deploy it - after testing it's had the desired effect of course ;) Cheers

(29 Jun '16, 23:45) Scott Harman

I'd look at copying the preferences from your reference installation to your users.

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answered 28 Jun '16, 22:28

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Anders ♦
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Thanks @Anders - yeah, that's the next best option if there's no way to build it into the NSIS installer

(28 Jun '16, 22:46) Scott Harman

Build it into the NSIS installer then :)

(29 Jun '16, 01:57) Jaap ♦
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