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Hello everyone,

I have a problem for few days, when I would like to debug my Wireshark version. After that Wireshark finish the "Loading module preferences" a message error appear and said that "QT5PrintSupportd.dll" or "wiretap-2.0.4.dll" wasn't founded. Neither wireshark.exe nor wireshark-gtk.exe work but unfortunately both files exist in the debug folder and if I launch tshark it works perfectly.

Here is my debug output from visual studio:

Wireshark Debug

Best regards,

asked 04 Jul '16, 00:33

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Do Wireshark.exe or wireshark-gtk.exe work if you run them from the command line?

(04 Jul '16, 02:39) grahamb ♦

No they don't work neither with the msbuild command. It's strange because I have already managed to compile them before

(04 Jul '16, 03:01) stezerow

Something's broken in your build. Assuming you're using a CMake build, delete your build directory, create a new one, regenerate the build files with CMake ... and then build again.

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answered 04 Jul '16, 03:04

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grahamb ♦
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I have used the CMake and build again but the same problem appear. I think the problem comes from the "Loading Prefences" fail and I have founded a solution proposed in this subject.

(04 Jul '16, 23:52) stezerow

The issues in the related questions all seem to be down to issues with WinPcap, and calls made by dumpcap hanging. This just causes the UI to freeze and doesn't generate error messages about DLL's not being found.

Are you still getting the messages about DLL's not being found?

(05 Jul '16, 01:33) grahamb ♦

I notice that now I can run the .exe generated by the msbuild command. But the DLL messages still appear and they stop the debug

(05 Jul '16, 02:26) stezerow

You're running the exe from the command line or attempting to run in the Visual Studio debugger?

If the latter, see this question.

(05 Jul '16, 02:49) grahamb ♦

I'm attempting to run in the Visual Studio debugger. I have tried with your command from the link but it didn't succeed for me

(05 Jul '16, 04:36) stezerow

When running under the Visual Studio debugger, you must add the full path\to\run\RelWthDebInfo to the shell path before starting Visual Studio from the same shell.

(05 Jul '16, 04:48) grahamb ♦
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