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I had someone post a fake review about my company on Yelp and they posted it anonymously. I need someone who can trace the IPO address of where that review came from so my attorney can subpoena the internet provider and reveal who is slandering my business. I can be reached at 770-843-1211 or emailed at [email protected] Thank you.

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asked 11 Jul '16, 09:22

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Quenton Rivers
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I need someone who can trace the IPO address of where that review came from

The someone you want is called "Yelp, Inc". The posting has already been made, so the Internet packets involved in making the posting are no longer available on a network, and therefore there's nothing Wireshark can do to help.

You should contact Yelp and complain to them about the review. See, for example, the "How do I report content that violates Yelp's Content Guidelines or Terms of Service?" item in the Legal Questions section of the Yelp support center.

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answered 11 Jul '16, 10:41

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