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Each time I try to run wireshark I get this error

wireshark: symbol lookup error: wireshark: undefined symbol: wslua_count_plugins

Is there any way to make it work? If you need more info ask me.

asked 17 Jul '16, 15:57

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Have you built this version of Wireshark from source yourself, or is it a Wireshark binary provided by your Linux distribution or by some third party?

(17 Jul '16, 17:09) Guy Harris ♦♦

It's provided by my Linux distribution

(17 Jul '16, 18:57) cloppy21

Then the makers of the Linux distribution probably didn't set up their Linux build of Wireshark correctly.

That function is called if, and only if, Wireshark was built with Lua support. If it's built with Lua support, then it should 1) be linked with the Lua library and 2) have Lua as a dependency, so that when Wireshark is installed, the Lua run-time support is installed.

You should report this problem to the distribution's maintainers, and then look for your distribution's package for Lua and install that.

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answered 17 Jul '16, 19:54

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Guy Harris ♦♦
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Well it work now I was going to install a new Linux distribution and no problem on the new one. Thanks for answering.

(17 Jul '16, 22:23) cloppy21

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(18 Jul '16, 01:38) Jaap ♦
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