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Hi all, I have a packet in hex string format, how do i create the three data format required (tvb, pinfo and tree) in order to pass it to a dissector? I have come across this mail and thought of using the function tvb_new_real_data but i have no idea how to use it.

Any help and guidance is appreciated.

Thank you

Regards, Eddie Choo

asked 03 Aug '11, 03:12

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eddie choo
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Can you clarify? What do you mean by "you have a packet in hex string format? Can you supply an example packet/file/whatever?

(03 Aug '11, 17:02) cmaynard ♦♦

03b1682daa0980030e160b129500120426180610030208120600120456497341623f4 804ba1411b66b1e281c060700118605010101a011600f80020780a1090607040000010 002036c17a115020100020103a30d040825054373236300f50a0100 Here you go

(03 Aug '11, 19:07) eddie choo

Where does this data come from - a .pcap file, a text file, or somewhere else?

(03 Aug '11, 19:26) cmaynard ♦♦

I got this raw hex string from other sources, and i need to feed it directly into the dissector.

(03 Aug '11, 19:49) eddie choo

How is your dissector called? I.e., is it called from TCP, UDP, its own data link type, or some other method? If you can convert the hex string to a format text2pcap understands you could use it to create a libpcap capture file which could then be used by your dissector. For example, if you then use text2pcap -l user0 to convert the hex data to a pcap file, you can use Edit→Preferences→Protocols→DLT_USER to associate DLT 147 (user0) with your dissector.

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answered 04 Aug '11, 09:42

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Gerald Combs ♦♦
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Hi Gerald, basically my task is to design a program which filters massive real time packets with high speed. So i thought of minimizing the dissectors, by modifying them to suit my needs. My input will be hex string and i dont need the whole dissector to dissect my packet as the criteria of my filters are only limited to 1 information field. My temporary solution is to modify the tvb_get_uintX() function to suit my needs. Thanks for your reply

Eddie Choo

(04 Aug '11, 19:25) eddie choo
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