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WS stop running at file openning


Hello, I just met a problem with WS Version 2.0.5 (v2.0.5-0-ga3be9c6 from master-2.0), on win 7 (6.1 numéro 7601: Service Pack 1). It stopped running (closed the WS window without any message) while I asked to open a capture file. Same problem at hexdump file opening. What hapenned ? Why ? Is there any solution ? Best regards,

H. Rogues

asked 16 Aug '16, 05:54

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Possibly this bug. Do you have Dell Backup and Recovery installed?

answered 16 Aug '16, 06:36

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grahamb ♦
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Thank you graham. No more problem since I uninstalled Dell Recovery and Backup.

(16 Aug '16, 07:23) hrogues

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(16 Aug '16, 07:57) grahamb ♦