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I was having problems capturing wireless packets which run through my phone on my laptop. Am I supposed to use USBcap to capture the packets which run through my phone on my laptop? or can I do it wirelessly if they are both on the same wifi network? Thanks

asked 19 Aug '16, 08:38

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If this isnt even possible please let me know because im new to wireshark so I dont really know its true potential

(19 Aug '16, 08:59) RoMa

The easiest way would be to capture the traffic at the Ethernet side of your AP. To do this you will need a TAP, mirroring switch, or L1 hub.

If your AP is equipped, you may be able to capture pcap on the AP itself and download to your PC through the administrator console of your AP.

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answered 19 Aug '16, 16:08

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Use of USBPcap doesn't make much sense here. If you only want to capture the traffic of your laptop which is connected to the internet via WiFi tethering on a mobile phone, it is enough to capture in promiscuous mode on the WiFi interface of your laptop. But capturing on the phone itself would need another capturing application, there is currently no Wireshark for Android phones nor for iPhone.

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answered 20 Aug '16, 11:01

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