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hallo, I have modified the simple example found in wiki:

-- trivial protocol example
-- declare our protocol
trivial_proto = Proto("trivial","Trivial Protocol")

udp_src_f ="udp.srcport")
udp_dst_f ="udp.dstport")

-- create a function to dissect it
function trivial_proto.dissector(buffer,pinfo,tree)
    local udp_src = udp_src_f()
    local udp_dst = udp_dst_f()

    if udp_src==8002 then
        pinfo.cols.protocol = "PBUS_RESP"

    if udp_dst==8002 then
        pinfo.cols.protocol = "PBUS_REQ"

    local subtree = tree:add(trivial_proto,buffer(),"Trivial Protocol Data")
    subtree:add(buffer(0,2),"port: " .. tostring(udp_src) .. "->" .. tostring(udp_dst) .. " ::: type " .. type(udp_dst))
    subtree:add(buffer(0,2),"The first two bytes: " .. buffer(0,2):uint())
    subtree = subtree:add(buffer(2,2),"The next two bytes")
    subtree:add(buffer(2,1),"The 3rd byte: " .. buffer(2,1):uint())
    subtree:add(buffer(3,1),"The 4th byte: " .. buffer(3,1):uint())
-- load the udp.port table
udp_table = DissectorTable.get("udp.port")
-- register our protocol to handle udp port 7777

udp_src and udp_dst are userdata and the "if" are avways false. Why udp_src and udp_dst are userdata, and how to "cast" them to number?

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asked 29 Aug '16, 03:08

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local udp_src = udp_src_f().value
local udp_dst = udp_dst_f().value

The functions defined using provide access to the whole structure of the field, which contains several information values. You need to choose the value one.

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answered 29 Aug '16, 05:33

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edited 29 Aug '16, 06:09

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