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Like it's saying in the title, my question is:

is it possible to sniff, with wireshark, any information from an IP website to all of the visitors ? And if the answer is "yes", how ? plz.

Or, wireshark can just sniff packets beetween our connexion to others ?

Thanks, (i'm a beginner of wireshark), BR, M

asked 29 Aug '16, 13:35

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Capture location would be key in determining what conversations you see. If you are server side, then you can see from the server's IP(s) out to all the clients if you capture off the server's NIC or if you have a Test Access Port just after the server's NIC. If you are capturing from the client side, you would only see your conversation to the server if you are capturing at the client NIC. Your view of client side conversations will change if you capture elsewhere in the LAN (after router/switch) and have other users in the LAN accessing that same site.

So short answer is Yes, depending on what you have access to you can capture both views. If capturing server side, depending on utilization/connections/NIC speeds I would recommend not using the Wireshark GUI but using some of the native libraries (dumpcap, tcpdump). Then you can split PCAPs into more manageable sizes that you can use Wireshark to inspect.

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answered 29 Aug '16, 13:57

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Ok, there is no way for sniffing information from a server to some clients (all of them, by the way), if you haven't got access to the server ? :))

(thanks for answser) :)

(29 Aug '16, 14:03) Yawatem
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