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I've come across a strange situation on OS X Mavericks that I don't understand.

If I log into my server running Mavericks locally using my general admin account (a local account with standard administrator privileges) and start Wireshark it finds no interfaces. This is not a surprise as I've done nothing to give this user rights over the interface files.

If I reboot the machine and open a screen sharing session from another Mac (using the same admin account) then login to the server (again using the same account) and start Wireshark it immediately finds the active network interface and loopback.

Can anyone explain why this might happen? I've repeated this a number of times to make sure I'm not imagining it and the results are the same every time. Login via screen sharing and interfaces are found, don't use screen sharing and none are found.

asked 31 Aug '16, 06:18

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What's that with rebooting the machine? When do you do that?

(31 Aug '16, 07:42) Jaap ♦

The rebooting is just to make sure I am starting the tests from exactly the same point. So the reboot is done before both of the tests described. I've tried with both reboot and shutting down for a cold boot.

reboot - local login - wireshark = no interfaces found

reboot - login via screen sharing - wireshark = interfaces found

(31 Aug '16, 14:24) kaulmain
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