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Hi, I recently bought a Buffalo NAS, I had , wrongly assumed, that it would have some form of monitoring software package with it. Now I'm stuck not knowing who has accessed data on the NAS. Is Wireshark capable of monitoring a specific IP and logging the connected IP address, times, and file access?

asked 03 Sep '16, 02:41

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Wireshark is a network analysis power tool. That means that it drills down into every network packet and gets down to the bit level showing all protocol details. What you're looking for is a more high level view of application access. So even though it can be done, it may prove highly unpractical. Other tools may be more practical for day to day use.

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answered 03 Sep '16, 03:02

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Thanks for an extremely quick response. Well that is what I had thought, But really wanted to check before installing it. Only other question is, Do you (or anyone reading this) know of a suitable package to monitor a NAS access software package Thanks again Princy557

(03 Sep '16, 03:07) Princy557

From this answer, perhaps one of these options will meet your needs or at least get you started? No file access information would be available as these are network tools, not application layer tools. To get file access you likely the need the OS to do it. I'm sure any main stream OS used for file serving has this capability, but when you buy the NAS it is a canned application that may or may not contain that level of detail. I am guessing it doesn't since you are asking here...

A nice link on some options going forward if you use Linux, but I realize this does not help you here with the device you purchased.

(03 Sep '16, 09:21) Bob Jones
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