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I have created a Host column. I right-click on the column > Select Column Preferences > Select Columns > Add a new Column > Title == Host > Type == Custom > Field Name ==

The Field Name is not saved. As soon as I click out of the window the entry is not saved. Please help!

Wireshark macOS 10.6 and later Intel 64-bit .dmg Version 2.2.0 (v2.2.0-0-g5368c50 from master-2.2)

asked 08 Sep '16, 19:50

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edited 09 Sep '16, 23:19

What version of Wireshark is this? Please edit your question adding the contents of Help -> About Wireshark.

(08 Sep '16, 23:26) grahamb ♦

Hi Grahamb, I have updated the question to contain the information regarding my platform and what version I am on. Thank you very much for helping me to narrow this issue down

(09 Sep '16, 23:20) duncan_testlio

Om Windows if I complete the field by typing the complete entry or by selecting the context menu entry and then either hitting "Enter" or "TAB" then the field contents are as expected.

If neither of these work on macOS, then please raise an entry at the Wireshark Bugzilla.

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answered 10 Sep '16, 03:49

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grahamb ♦
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Thank you Grahamb! Tabbing out of the field saved my entry as expected. Previously I was clicking out of the field which resulted in the issue listed in the question above

(10 Sep '16, 09:52) duncan_testlio
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