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Only NdisWan adapters in Wireshark 2.2.0 with Npcap


Hi all, After uprgading Wireshark to 2.2.0 I see only 3 "NdisWan Adapters" in list: screenshot

Dumpcap gives me the same list (screenshot2): screenshot

After reverting to 2.0.5 all interfaces came back again. Rebooting, restarting NPF didn't help. OS - Windows 7x64. Tried on another PC with the same OS - found no such problem.

Point me please what to look at.

asked 09 Sep '16, 00:19

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Guy Harris ♦♦

One Answer:


Are you using Npcap? If yes, did you try upgrading it?

answered 09 Sep '16, 02:30

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Pascal Quantin
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Hi Pascal, Yes, you're exactly right - upgrading Npcap to 0.09-r5 solved the problem. Thanks!

(09 Sep '16, 03:33) Packet_vlad

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(09 Sep '16, 08:17) Pascal Quantin