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Hi, I can successfully build wireshark in C:\Development\wsbuild64, But when I try to build in a different location I get this error:

HHC5003 : error : Compilation failed while compiling ws.css. [<path to ...>\wsbuild64\docbook\developer_guide_chm.vcxproj]

"<path to ...>\wsbuild64\Wireshark.sln" (default target) (1) ->
   "<path to ...>\wsbuild64\docbook\developer_guide_chm.vcxproj.metaproj" (default target) (15) ->
   "<path to ...>\wsbuild64\docbook\developer_guide_chm.vcxproj" (default target) (116) ->
   (CustomBuild target) ->
     HHC5003 : error : Compilation failed while compiling ws.css. [<path to ...>\wsbuild64\docbook\developer_guide_chm.vcxproj]

(<path to="" ...=""> is a long path to wsbuild64..)

I didn't read anywhere that building in a different location would cause errors.. Is this the case or do I have some problems in my environment?

Thanks in advance!

asked 15 Sep '16, 13:12

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grahamb ♦


There's no generic issue with using another directory, I build in E:\Wireshark\build and ...\build64, and the buildbots use paths such as C:\buildbot\wireshark\wireshark-master-64\windows-2012r2-x64\build\cmbuild.

Please show the actual path used for your build directory and the CMake command you use in that directory.

(16 Sep '16, 02:22) grahamb ♦

Thanks, the path is C:\Users\gilmor\Perforce\gilmor_ish_jer\DEV_TOOLS\DEV\nisraely\LogShark\wsbuild64 (no white spaces..)

cmake call: call %BUILD_TOOLS_BASE_DIR%\Cmake\cmake-3.6.2-win64-x64\bin\cmake.exe -DENABLE_CHM_GUIDES=on -G "Visual Studio 12 Win64" %WIRESHARK_BASE_DIR%\wireshark

Where in my script WIRESHARK_BASE_DIR is C:\Users\gilmor\Perforce\gilmor_ish_jer\DEV_TOOLS\DEV\nisraely\LogShark

and Cmake in in C:\

I now see this comment in the instructions: set WIRESHARK_BASE_DIR=C:\Development or set WIRESHARK_LIB_DIR to the appropriate library directory for your build.

Do I need to set WIRESHARK_LIB_DIR ?

Thank you!

(16 Sep '16, 04:17) Sharknado_pr...

I'll answer my question about WIRESHARK_LIB_DIR - no, wireshark-win64-libs is created in LogShark folder when I call Cmake.. So that's not the issue..

(16 Sep '16, 04:20) Sharknado_pr...

If you set WIRESHARK_BASE_DIR, then CMake will add "\wireshark-xxx-libs" to the end of it, where "xxx" is "win32" or "win64", to set the directory where 3rd party libraries will be downloaded to.

If you set WIRESHARK_LIB_DIR, then that's used directly as the location for the 3rd party libs so if you compile both win32 and win 64 versions, you'll need to modify WIRESHARK_LIB_DIR for the appropriate version when switching between the two builds

I suppose there might be an issue with excessive path lengths somewhere, but your paths don't seem that excessive.

Did you by any chance copy the build directory from C:\Development to the longer path? If so that might have messed things up. Try deleting your wsbuild64 directory, creating a new one and then running CMake... and msbuild ... again.

(16 Sep '16, 05:22) grahamb ♦

Thanks again, I'm deleting and building again each time. Also tried with fresh clones of wireshark. Thanks for your help, It's probably something in my environment. my VS is also not at it's best condition. I'll keep investigating this and post if I have anything.

(18 Sep '16, 08:02) Sharknado_pr...

You can try posting the output of the CMake step. Use a command such as:

cmake ... 2>&1 > cmake.txt

and then append the contents of cmake.txt to your question.

(18 Sep '16, 08:35) grahamb ♦

Problem Solved. Not sure how it happened exactly, but I'm going to pin this on the fact that another colleague who started the development of some plugin used an older version of Cmake, He gave me his CmakeLists.txt file put in wireshark folder. It's probably a coincidence that it only happened in the other path. Thanks again!

(20 Sep '16, 03:52) Sharknado_pr...
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