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Hi all

I'm new to Wireshark. I managed to set up Wireshark to record on the routers mirroring port.

I then recorded 3 minutes of not being able to connect to websites..... It seems like its not possible for local ip's to reach the router ( It says "destination unreachable".

Why could that be? Could you help me point me in some direction at what to look for, when trying to troubleshoot with Wireshark? I believe i got a good log at the failure, but i'm not sure how to figure out, what causes the "destination unreachable".

Best regard Mike Kristensen Denmark

asked 02 Oct '16, 03:02

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From your description I guess that you have connected your PC only to the mirroring port of your switch. Is that true?

(02 Oct '16, 03:09) sindy

If the local devices could ping the routers ip before. Some / one of your changes is incorrect.

So how did you set up the mirror port at the router? Have you changed some routes?

(02 Oct '16, 14:30) Christian_R

Hi, Mike -

Not sure I understand completely your situation. IMCP Unreachable destination message can mean, in routing, there's no route active/defined to the IP/subnet. Are you trying to troubleshoot not being able to get to a website? It could be good to take a trace from the source PC in that case. If you want to work your way across the net, you could open a command window and ping your machine IP, then the router IP, and then the FQDN of the target website. This should be a test of each stage of the process, including the DNS resolution of the FQDN to an IP. Hope this helps.

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answered 02 Oct '16, 13:42

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