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how can i extract a picture from a capture like this

Bob: begin 664 qrcode.png
Bob: MB5!.1PT*&@H````[email protected]```7(```%R`0````#`7VRD```"BTE$051XG.V:
Bob: MS6WC,!"%OUD2R%$"4H!+H3O8DH*4M!U(I;@#Z6B`PML#2<?Q(@F"R#]:S!P$
Bob: M_7R'!Q!#SKR1B>_$^.M;.#COO//..^^\\Q_Q5B-BUB\&<[VS_=R^[6^HQ_F5
Bob: M^21)FH!T>*HE5[T+DB2]YZ^MQ_F5^;EFJ`86LWV78=P=#0`SB[?6X_QU>+-=
Bob: M!EA,`Z#ASGJ<7Y>7IB"8(T"0[>^LQ_F?\6WC[03,`/-SUKC+$5BBF.'<`GDT
Bob: M_<Y_$>?%$T&DZ>+2OB5)&AY-O_-?A-Y'>QVDH9-J87T*7]^-\35_TU1KJ=(D
Bob: M06BMT12DH<N>O]OD+_.WK"6=='9)\O7=*$];U>IOU%6>0MF:Z]).P??G;?*U
Bob: M?DZ'F(U.&+P5S$O4:$&,NZ/I-GJ<7Y=O^5L>:[email protected]#H\NE,KNGL^;LUON2O
Bob: MI:E'X^\)F&,&2A++Z"8,PJWT.'\5?NRAF-`O.AIT&;,>-,P1:5KLMGJ<7Y=/
Bob: M4]V06RPF'=I4<.Q#V\(?5+_S'\1I,+08\"1&"WH;$@K*[NWUU3;YRX9(4J89
Bob: M&KG-CSKWKS;-VYYZUC):A'2(G_+7UN/\6OS)O\I()YNJF)3-\RA#!N^/-LR/
Bob: M/9C9D_3:+U:&_.D02Q%][email protected]]J'[G/^>K`YFQ/6W2\+JKZ7P'/<ZOQ%=_HSZ%
Bob: M3/I32V>#F&%^SC#W>/V\9?[LU(5RX$K-Z:CNQRWU.+\2?S;_+9OT`,WN*[email protected]
Bob: M:J?D_=$6^<L^R)(`9JH=G88EBOG9_W_^;_C%&'='LY=I,49[4JFN]_?2X_P/
Bob: M^,O_)S5:D$&D9>UB2EK<G]PF_\__DR7:KW45F?#S=YM\R=^W%O?BKCYVI]>/
Bob: AIM]YYYUWWGGGM\C_!6O6TL=I,[S%`````$E%3D2N0F""
Bob: `
Bob: end

asked 08 Oct '16, 07:14

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How was that data captured, and what was the protocol?

(08 Oct '16, 10:48) grahamb ♦

this is a grab for a challenge, i have to answer 4 questions, 1. a ip adress 2. a time stamp 3 a location in a qr.png image

i can send you the whole capture if you want

kind regards Kees

(08 Oct '16, 10:58) kpoeyer

Look for uudecode.

52.079798, 4.317066 (q=52.079798,4.317066)

(09 Oct '16, 04:00) Jaap ♦

This used to be some work but it isn't anymore. The option is under File and Export Objects, I'd guess it's from an HTTP stream. Pick the protocol and WireShark will show you everything that's available to parse out.

permanent link

answered 14 Oct '16, 14:37

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