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Is it advisable to change the tvb from a dissector. Say I have some encrypted data which I recieve in a tvb. I do the necessary decryption now I want to store it.

Can I store this in the exsisitng tvb by using something like a tvb_get_pointer() and others and doing a memcpy instead of a creating new tvb using tvb_new_child_real_data() and others then passing it on for further dissection?

Please advise on which is the preferred way.

Thanks, Koundi

asked 23 Oct '16, 23:13

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You should never go and write to the backing store of the TVB, simply because you don't know how it is composed. The only valid way to get decrypted data into a TVB is to use the tvb_new_child_real_data() function you found.

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answered 24 Oct '16, 02:18

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Those were my first instincts too :) So basically I will create a new tvbuff and pass it on for further dissection. Thanks @Jaap.

(24 Oct '16, 04:40) koundi
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