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Objective: Capture packets with info containing sites visited, usernames & passwords if any on WPA2-PSK (AES)wifi network. Monitor capable Alfa card used.

Steps followed:

airmon-ng check kill

airmon-ng start wlan1

(window 1)airodump-ng -c [number] --bssid [bssidnumber] --shockack -w [filepath] wlan1(mon)

(window 2) aireplay-ng -0 5 -a [bssidnumber] -c [targetMAC] wlan1(mon)

Target device looses connection to wifi and rejoins, I can see a handshake is captured in window 1

Browse HTTP sites on the target device (tried iPhone, laptop), fill out and submit login forms

Ctrl + C to stop capture

Open .cap with Wireshark

Preferences > IE802.11 > enable decryption > enter generated key

At this stage I have to fiddle with settings such as ignore protection bit, and then I get some decrypted (coloured) results displayed in the grid...great :)

You'd think at this stage I'd be home and dry....only problem is I have no HTTP, HTTPS, DNS requests nor do I get any results when I search for the password I entered in the login form as a string.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

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asked 25 Oct '16, 13:57

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With no other detail, such as a trace, we can't be sure. However, this might give you some ideas to try:

I'd guess if you see some frames decrypted it is a likely a modulation issue and you can't decode regular data frames that are at high data rates. You might see multicast/broadcast as they are sent at lower rates.

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answered 25 Oct '16, 14:50

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Bob Jones
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Thanks for your reply. I'll go through the links tomorrow. It does sound like what you said about the data rates may be right as I definitely am seeing some information....just not what I really want to see.

The capture card specifically is the awus036h. 'Promiscuous' mode has never been explicitly turned on, but I understand that is a Wireshark setting(?) and I'm simply viewing the .cap with Wireshark rather than capturing with it.

(25 Oct '16, 16:15) rootb33r
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