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My router picks up Flood attacks every time I switch it on. So, I tried capturing packets on wireshark by connecting the WAN cable to the PC directly. I've attached the Router log files generated in a single session for a period of time and Wireshark's Captured packet files at another point of time, using Win10PCap as WinPCap 4.1.3 didn't work for some reason on Wireshark 2.2.1(64-bit)on Windows 10 x64. Please help me analyze if there are truly any DOS or DDOS attacks occurring on my network as the router log suggests. Router Log 1- Router Log 2- Router Log 3- Router Log 4- Router Log 5- Router Log 6- Router Log 7- Router Log 8-

Wireshark1st pcapng- Wireshark2nd pcap- Wireshark3rd pcap- Wireshark4th pcapng-

Please HELP in finding if the router log files are true! The IP on Router log denotes the gateway of my ISP which is shown to be the place where most flood attacks seem to come from according to the router!

asked 26 Oct '16, 06:33

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What's the model of your router?

(26 Oct '16, 06:44) grahamb ♦

It's DLink DIR-600L,a tad bit old of a model but the firmware is upgraded as per Dlink's provided upgrade. You'll find most of the information in the Router Log files which have a preview so you can check without downloading them.

(26 Oct '16, 06:49) Aritra_B

Oh, I forgot to mention that is also an IP belonging to my ISP confirmed by the representative when I called them up to notify of these logs from the router. They did ask me to keep monitoring for another 24 Hours and then get back to them, so I took up this pain.

(26 Oct '16, 06:51) Aritra_B
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