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I am sorry for posting this very Basic question. I am totally new in wireshark developmet(actually Software development in General)...

So far I have been succesfully following wireshark developers guide and have been able to build wireshark for both 32bit and 64bit(wireshark developers guide 2.2).

Now I'd like compile plugin from .c files and use them on wireshark. I have some source codes for custom plugin. But I couldn't find any direction in the developers guide about compiling them. For example - in which Directory to put the source code and which commands to use to compile them? where will I find my .dll plugin anfter compilation? where to put the .dll file to use it in wireshark?

Also, how do I compile the plugin source code in Ubunut, as later I have to compile it under Ubuntu and get the .so files.

Right now I have no Idea what to do with the code. I'd really appreciate the help.


asked 31 Oct '16, 07:14

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The reference doc for plugins is in the source tree docs\README.plugins.

Note that if the plugin source code is from an older version then you'll have some work to do to modify the plugin to conform to the latest plugin and Wireshark interface standards. The best way to work out what needs to be done is to look at the source code of one of the "standard" plugins from the version your plugin was created for, e.g. 1.10, and then look at the current version of that same plugin.

When compiling on Ubuntu the instructions are much sparser, and I prefer using CMake rather than autotools as mentioned in the Dev Guide. I've successfully built using CMake, by running sudo apt-get build-dep wireshark-dev to pull in all the required libraries, then git clone the source and then run a CMake generation step, this time not specifying the generator (so it defaults to make), and then running make to build.

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answered 31 Oct '16, 07:52

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Thanks as always. What is the specific command for CMake Generation step?

(31 Oct '16, 08:42) xaheen

IT's been a while since I've done that, so don't have it direct to hand. but the one used on the Ubuntu build-bot is:


This is in a build directly under the top-level source directory, I prefer to move the build out of the source tree, so the first argument to cmake should be the relative path to the sources.

(31 Oct '16, 09:23) grahamb ♦
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