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I was trying to retrieve some details on a TLS 1.2 handshake, in detail on the SERVER_HELLO.

However it looks like the server sends the SERVER_HELLO message split into three TCP packets:

  • SERVER_HELLO packate (size 1434, no certificates)
  • [TCP segment of reassembled PDU] (size 1434)
  • [TCP segment of reassembled PDU] (size 1390)

It looks like this confuses Wireshark that much so that it is only able to apply the TLS SERVER_HELLO dissector on the first packet. Therefore the data of packet 2 and 3 is inaccessible and only displayed as binary/hex data without the possibility to apply a dissector.

As TCP is a stream oriented protocol, it should not make any difference how many packets are received - how to make Wireshark work this was and see the complete SERVER-HELLO packet?

asked 04 Nov '16, 03:31

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Can you share a capture in a publicly accessible spot, e.g. CloudShark?

Attempting to diagnose an issue from your interpretation of it is somewhat difficult.

(04 Nov '16, 03:35) grahamb ♦

@grahamb: How to change the IP addresses in the capture?

(04 Nov '16, 08:00) Wire-Rob

Use an anonymiser such as TraceWrangler.

(04 Nov '16, 08:36) grahamb ♦

Are you using a recent Wireshark version? Could it be related to this bug:

(04 Nov '16, 16:47) Lekensteyn

@Lekensteyn: Yes that sounds exactly like the problem I have. The Wireshark version I use is always the most current.

(05 Nov '16, 04:54) Wire-Rob

I think you'll need to look at your preference settings. Have a look at Sake's SSL presentation given at SharkFest'16 Europe, especially slide 27.

permanent link

answered 04 Nov '16, 05:57

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Jaap ♦
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edited 04 Nov '16, 11:07

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I already have all five options as shown in the presentation: ip.defragment: TRUE tcp.check_checksum: FALSE tcp.desegment_tcp_streams: TRUE ssl.desegment_ssl_records: TRUE ssl.desegment_ssl_application_data: TRUE

(04 Nov '16, 07:57) Wire-Rob
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