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I was studying protocol analyzes and noted several arp requests

alt text

Is that supposed to mean a broadcast storm, right? When I check these hosts to see your arp table, it doesn't need to make these requests, because your table already has the information. Why do it happen? How can I verify what software in these host are doing that?

asked 11 Nov '16, 09:07

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I did not properly count the amount of ARP packets in your picture, but it looks like ~40 in 43 sec. This is not a broadcast storm. With a broadcast storm you would see the same ARP packet about 500-10000 times a second depending on your infrastructure. This is caused by a switching loop.

These are normal ARP packets. Every system on the network will time out ARP entries and will send a new ARP request for a flushed entry when it needs to communicate to that particular host again. This usually happens every couple of minutes till up to 240 minutes (cisco routers).

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answered 11 Nov '16, 09:35

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SYN-bit ♦♦
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hi, current 75485 arp packets, if I check a 'conversation' I see my mac requesting to gateway ( 43M | 66.622 packets. kinda scary I've never seen this before

(11 Nov '16, 09:44) ThiagoM

Less than one min, 3 addresses are sending a new ARP requests, and these hosts has something in common, they're running windows

(11 Nov '16, 09:49) ThiagoM

Does your system get ARP responses back? And which OS is it running?

(11 Nov '16, 10:00) SYN-bit ♦♦

what I've just observed running wireshark in one these host is a follow several reply in less than one min: is at xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx..

(11 Nov '16, 10:43) ThiagoM

Thank you everybody :-)

(14 Nov '16, 04:34) ThiagoM
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