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Hello everyone!! I'm a newbie to wireshark and was trying to figure out if I could extract/save video from live video streaming. I'm able to store/get rtmpt data packets in a PACPNG filehowever, I'm unable to extract video from those data packets...

  1. Is there any way to extract video from pcapng files?
  2. Can I directly extract video while live streaming?

Thanks in advance... Cheers :)

asked 15 Nov '16, 19:09

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Zain Alvi
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Guy Harris ♦♦

Two points to look at:

  • even if you have a RTMP tunneled through http or https (which is the meaning of the last T in RTMPT), it may still be encrypted itself, making it "RTMPST"

  • the RTMP payload, even if you successfully extract it to a file, may be in a format which your generic player would not understand as the original player used may use some proprietary encryption or encoding or codec.

If you are not sure regarding the above, posting an example capture file according to Step 3 of this tutorial (ignoring steps 1 and 2 of course) will allow others to have a look.

permanent link

answered 16 Nov '16, 01:20

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Well thanks for replying, So what i understood from your answer is that RTMPT is encrypted and payload cant be extracted. In case, payload is extracted I wont be able to play it because of video settings... The point here is that I'm running my own server and I'm playing my own video over it. However I was trying to play and save video at the same time at client end. Would that be possible in any other way?? Thank you community for helping :)

(16 Nov '16, 19:18) Zain Alvi

I am not a lawyer working for an operating system vendor, so when I write "it may happen", it doesn't actually mean "it always happens" :-)

So if you know that you use HTTP rather than HTTPS to tunnel the RTMP, and you know that you do not encrypt the RTMP contents, and you know which codec you use and that your player understands it, you should be able to use File -> Export Objects -> HTTP and save the RTMP stream as a file - if it was complete.

(16 Nov '16, 23:09) sindy

thanks for replying :)

Let me check and get back to you in a while...

(17 Nov '16, 19:28) Zain Alvi
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