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Hi, I think someone on my network is using wireshark to look at what I am doing on the web. How can I stop them from being able to do that. I do not have a clue how to use wireshark so please give basic step by step instructions. Thank you.

asked 27 Nov '16, 07:08

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you can't find them! this attack is native and you can't find them;

(27 Nov '16, 09:09) Babyy

Surfing on the Internet is like talking to other people in the bus. Everybody can listen in on the conversation.

There are two options to increase your privacy: 1. Use SSL encryption. 2. Use a proxy server.

SSL Encryption

SSL encryption is used if the address line in your browser starts with https:// Note the character "s", which stands for SSL. Web sites used with http:// indicate plain text traffic: "Everybody" can read and even modify the data stream.

This comes with a caveat: If you use online banking, everybody can see the name of your bank, but not the actual balance on your account: Only the data is encrypted, but it is still easy to pick up the names of the web sites that you are visiting.

Proxy Server

This is, where a proxy server comes in: If you use a proxy server, all traffic will be directed to the proxy server. The proxy will make the request on your behalf and send you the results.

Needless to say, you should only use proxy servers, that you trust. The major antivirus companies offer some type of "Internet Security Suite", that offers optional proxy servers.

Some malicious pieces of software (Trojan horses, or "trojans" for short) would even go so far as to register an evil proxy server to intercept all your traffic. As these evil proxy servers are often run by criminal organizations they usually "only" pick up data that can be sold: Access to your online banking, credit card information, even the passwords for popular online games have a certain black market value.

Rule out a malware infection

If you think, that someone is following your Internet activities, please make sure that your computer is not infected with malware. Run a full anti virus scan with the most recent patterns. Take your computer to a specialist if you are not sure how to do this or how to read the virus scanner output.

Good hunting

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answered 27 Nov '16, 11:28

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