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I have a microsoft based network, all clients are win 7 clients and there are about 14 windows 2008 servers. the ping times from all clients to just one particular server (ServerHQ) are intermittently high, between 100-600 ms. Then at other times they are <1ms.

Ran wireshark capture on the interface of the server that is producing the high ping times, but can't seem to find where the problem is coming from.

At nights, though, when all clients are off, the ping times from any server to ServerHQ is stable at <1ms.

Any help will be appreciated millions.

asked 09 Dec '16, 16:52

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Did you try to do a tracert from the client to the server (ServerHQ) during the time when high ping times occur?

(10 Dec '16, 12:13) Amato_C

it's on the same lan, so there are no hops. On further investigation i found that the netwoork utilization is only high, when clients connect to an sql service, sqlservr.exe, that runs on the machine. If i kill the sql engine, the pings are stable again at <1ms.

I may have to look at why the sqlservr.exe connections to the clients are high.DIRECTIIO

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answered 10 Dec '16, 17:12

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