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I am using wireshark to capture print packets as I am trying to troubleshoot a clients copier. I am relatively new to wireshark and would like to know if there is a way to recreate a print from the capture. The client is having half printed documents and I would like to capture and reprint the documents to see if the problem resides on the network or the printer. Thanks in advance for anyone who has an answer!

asked 12 Dec '16, 13:50

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Unfortunately, we don't have a dissector for PCL XL, so, while Wireshark will dissect the print packets up to the payload, it won't dissect the payload itself - and even if it did, that wouldn't show you what the actual printed page would look like, any more than a dump of PostScript sent to a printer would directly show you what the actual printed page would look like.

Depending on the print protocol being used, Wireshark might let you save the raw PCL XL to a file. If you were to do that, you might be able to find a program that would convert it to a PDF; this PCL support site might offer some help there.

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answered 12 Dec '16, 14:02

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Hi, I came across this RICOH's document: Extracting a Print Capture From a Network Packet Capture Using Wireshark White Paper

If the link does not work Google for the document name..

I have used this document few days ago to export the PCL print data to a file. Later I was able to print the file on printer using lpr DOS command from my Windows 7.
hope it helps


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answered 13 Dec '16, 14:08

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