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hello all,

i am running a voip call beetween 2 user in a private network, each user are connected with wifi and also the server. i was trying to sniff from other computer (other user in the same network) but i can't get the voip packet (sip and rtp) from these 2 user that was doing a call. can anyone tell me is wireshark actually cannot capture packet like the case above ? because i read from some articles that wireshark can sniff if it connected with the same wireless connection. or is there any additional setting that i've to do to enable wireshark to capture the voip packet sent from other user to another user ?

NB : I am using asterisk as a server and csipsimple asn a client


asked 20 Dec '16, 16:33

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  1. Are you able to see other traffic between the users? For example, if you ping one user from the other, do you see the ICMP request and replies?

  2. Can you post your WiFi capture (on either Cloudshark or Google Drive)? I am wondering if the VoIP connection is encrypted so the SIP and RTP traffic is not seen.

(05 Jan '17, 08:22) Amato_C
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