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I currently have to listen to an entire phone call just to get to the end.

asked 21 Dec '16, 14:04

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Bill Moller
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How did I get a "Popular Question" badge with no responses or up-votes?!

(27 Dec '16, 10:52) Bill Moller

Views. A question with 100 views is given the badge.

(27 Dec '16, 16:30) grahamb ♦

Need to add this feature methinks... like "some of us work for a living and time is money!"

(28 Dec '16, 13:09) drewcrewof2

I've been wishing wireshark had this ability for years. It's actually fairly annoying and a giant waste of time to have to sit through the entire call. I opened an account just to try and up vote this I don't have enough rep to vote. Sigh. Will somebody that has some pull around here actually add this to the list of feature requests? It would be extremely helpful to have all the basic fast forward, pause, stop, rewind functionality and it couldn't be all that difficult to add.

(21 Mar '17, 12:33) royalpublishing

You can always save the FWD and REV audio and play them in a third party app such as Audacity.

But I also would love to see some enhancements in the Telephony and RTP analysis functions.

(21 Mar '17, 17:27) Rooster_50


Asking a question here, or providing an "answer" or a comment isn't the way to make an enhancement request.

The correct way to do that is via the Wireshark Bugzilla, checking if there is an existing item first, and if there isn't, raising a new one and marking it as an "enhancement request".

Even having done that you'll be reliant on someone volunteering their time to make the required changes.

(22 Mar '17, 03:26) grahamb ♦

Thanks for the info @grahamb, I will definitely check into that.

(22 Mar '17, 06:19) royalpublishing

@Rooster_50, I understand I can export the audio, then listen to it, but the point is, I need to see the network packets at certain spots in the audio stream... exporting just to listen in another program doesn't assist with this at all... As an example, when a RTP stream is glitching out, I need to be able to examine the actual packets and their payloads...

(22 Mar '17, 06:26) Bill Moller

I created an enhancement request, bug # 13512, if anyone would like to vote ;)

(22 Mar '17, 06:40) Bill Moller
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