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Hi, Actually I want that how to detect wireshark compliance of 3gpp release. Currently I am checking the low-level dissectors code(e.g, packet-gtpv2.c) vs 3gpp release(e.g, integer number ie.) and assuming the compliance. But I am wondering from development perspective any docs are available so that one can understand the release-compliance. Is anywhere it's mentioned in wireshark release note!!!TIA.

asked 09 Feb '17, 00:24

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Sorry there is no record of which 3GPP release a dissector is "compliant" with except for the ASN1 based ones where you can see which ASN1 document was used to generate it. The problem is that dissectors gets updated with the stuff the patch submitter chose to make code for which may just be a subset of new stuff in a particular release. If you do a check it would be helpful if you let us know the result.

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answered 09 Feb '17, 01:29

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So you mean the version mentioned in the dissectors file are not correct always. (For example, in packet-gtpv2.c in wireshark2.2.2, * Ref: 3GPP TS 29.274 version 11.1.0 Release 11 ETSI TS 129 274 V8.1.1 (2009-04)) is not exactly correct.

(09 Feb '17, 02:10) Abhisek

Yes, I'd say GTPv2 dissection is pretty much up to date.

At the end you can see which IE's are not dissected {GTPV2_IE_INTEGER_NUMBER, dissect_gtpv2_integer_number}, / 187, 8.118 Integer Number / / 188, 8.119 Millisecond Time Stamp / / 189, 8.120 Monitoring Event Information / / 190, 8.121 ECGI List / / 191, 8.122 Remote UE Context / / 192, 8.123 Remote User ID / / 193, 8.124 Remote UE IP Information / {GTPV2_IE_CIOT_OPT_SUPPORT_IND, dissect_gtpv2_ciot_opt_support_ind}, / 194, 8.125 CIoT Optimizations Support Indication / / 195, 8.126 SCEF PDN Connection / / 196, 8.127 Header Compression Configuration / {GTPV2_IE_EXTENDED_PCO, dissect_gtpv2_pco}, / 197, 8.128 Extended Protocol Configuration Options (ePCO) / / 198, 8.129 Serving PLMN Rate Control /

(09 Feb '17, 03:27) Anders ♦

got it. but still the IEs implementation is not open for development...:).

(09 Feb '17, 04:47) Abhisek

but still the IEs implementation is not open for development...:).

I'm not sure what you mean, if you want to add dissection of these IEs you are more than welcome. If you are asking if someone is working on it - not as far as I'm aware. This is opensource and people do work as they see fit and their spare time permits.

(09 Feb '17, 05:32) Anders ♦
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