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Dear Team, I am trying read diameter pcap dump with tshark by filtering with "session ID" and redirected the output to /tmp folder, when i convert this file (HEX or ASCII) to pcap in text2pcap, it is showing wrong protocols..

tshark -x -r InputFile.pcap -V "diameter.Session-Id == \"MMEC78.MMEGI8024\" > /tmp/filter (-x used for saving in HEX)

text2pcap filter outut.pcap --->here my file is converted but it opens in Ethernet/TDMoP/anyother protocols, instead of Diameter..I found this problem with diameter trace file only as this method works fine for my other protocol trace file example.GSM_MAP trace..

alt text

please help...

asked 21 Feb '17, 06:43

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Answer: Got the solution by friend, that my tshark is reading pcap in HEX & non HEX data format, text2pcap is unable to recognize non HEX data..issue resolved by using proper encapsulation type. we used below command which simply consider HEX format only

text2pcap -l 113 input output.pcap (where 113 represents the encapsulation of Linux trace)

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answered 24 Feb '17, 10:43

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Hi, did you attempt for IPv4 or IPv6 ? If IPv6 could you please help with some more details ? thanks in advance

(13 Mar '17, 09:29) Vijay Gharge

As the text2pcap man page indicates, you can use the -a option:

Enables ASCII text dump identification. It allows to identify the start of the ASCII text dump and not include it in the packet even if it looks like HEX.

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answered 13 Mar '17, 07:40

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